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There are currently two types of cloud storage available to users. The first is provided by manufacturers of IP cameras, and the second by developers of cloud systems. In the first case, the cloud only works with the equipment provided. The camera connects to the storage after it enters the network using the Plug-and-Play principle. The second way to connect to cloud storage is universal. The user himself can choose the equipment that connects to the cloud, after registration on the resource. In this case, he will not depend on anyone.
Services provided by data centers allow companies to reduce operating costs and investment. The costs of maintaining and maintaining your own servers are not required here. If necessary, the amount of cloud storage easily increases. In this case, the charge is taken only for the storage of the video archive.
As you can see, cloud video surveillance has significantly more pros than cons. This technology has no significant drawbacks; therefore, it has been successfully applied more and more widely.
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