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Unlock the full potential of video surveillance with Video Surveillance Cloud! Experience smart, event-triggered surveillance with real-time object detection and recognition. Monitor your home, business, and loved ones from anywhere, at any time, with seamless mobile and web access. Say goodbye to dedicated IP addresses and expensive cloud server costs, and say hello to the future of video surveillance. Get started now!
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Install Mobile Apps for Android
Transform your old smartphones into powerful surveillance devices for your home or office today! Download our app and turn your old devices into a professional-grade video surveillance system in no time
Motion Detection
The Motion Detection app is a mobile application that employs object detection tech to auto-record videos upon sensing movement. You can tailor the app's sensitivity to your needs, opting for advanced neural network algorithms that can identify specific objects like humans, animals, or vehicles. Leveraging AI-driven detection, the app ensures that no motion goes unrecorded, saving your videos either to your smartphone or to a secure cloud server via VideoSurveillance.Cloud
CCTV Cloud
CCTV Cloud, the mobile interface for VideoSurveillance.Cloud, allows you to control your IP cameras and get notified about events directly on your smartphone. This enables you to monitor your premises from anywhere, ensuring all is well. Whether you're on holiday and want to keep an eye on your home, need to oversee your office space after hours, or manage multiple properties, CCTV Cloud has you covered. The app can also be used to watch over pets or care-dependent family members.
The Free Video Surveillance Software with a Competitive Edge
Web Camera Pro, in conjunction with VideoSurvillance.Cloud, offers a versatile and efficient alternative to traditional video surveillance services. With its local video archiving, on-premises analytics, AI-powered storage efficiency, and event-triggered cloud recording, it addresses the most glaring issues found in conventional systems. It's an innovative solution for modern surveillance needs
Video surveillance software for Windows

Video Surveillance Cloud

Web Camera Pro is a free video surveillance software. Due to high demand, the number of invitations for connecting Web Camera Pro to the cloud service is limited. To be included in the waiting list, please contact us
Advantages of Web Camera Pro and VideoSurvillance.Cloud

Local Video Archiving

Web Camera Pro allows users to create a local video archive from IP cameras. You're not restricted by the amount of storage your cloud provider offers; you can store as much video as your local storage allows.

On-Premises Video Analytics

The software employs local video analytics, eliminating the need to pay additional fees for this service. The analytics run on your local machine, making the entire process more secure and efficient.

AI-Powered Storage Efficiency

Web Camera Pro utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for object detection and face recognition. These capabilities significantly reduce the amount of storage needed by lowering the frames per second when no movement is detected.
For example, traditional systems would require a whopping 810 Tb to create a continuous archive for 32 cameras at 1080p resolution for a year. Web Camera Pro can reduce this storage need by hundreds of times, thanks to its smart object detection and time-lapse recording features.

The Challenges with Conventional Cloud-Based Surveillance

Traditional cloud-based surveillance services continuously record and process video streams from surveillance cameras. While convenient, this approach has significant limitations:

1. Data Loss on Poor Internet Connection: Video streams can get interrupted or lost if the internet connection is unreliable.

2. False Alarms: Continuous surveillance often leads to false positives, requiring human intervention to sort out.

3. Cost Per Camera: Cloud-based solutions can be expensive, particularly when multiple cameras are involved.

4. Limited Video Retention: Due to the cost of cloud storage, these services often have limitations on how long the video data can be stored.
Event-Triggered Cloud Recording
Web Camera Pro offers seamless integration with VideoSurvillance.Cloud for those who opt for the premium version. The cloud recording is event-triggered, meaning the video is only uploaded when a specific event occurs, further reducing storage needs.
Live Streaming
Online viewing of the connected IP cameras is also possible, offering users real-time insights into their surveillance zones.
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