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Camera Motion Detector

Camera Motion Detector is an innovative app that elevates your smartphone's capabilities to the next level! With advanced object detection and video surveillance features, you can say goodbye to basic phone camera functions. Our app uses cutting-edge AI-powered detection technology to capture every movement and automatically save your videos to your phone or the VideoSurveillance.Cloud server.

Camera Motion Detector is an effortless way to record videos using a motion detector on your smart mobile phone camera. You can use object detection and video surveillance with automatic video saving to your phone or cloud server when motion is detected. The app allows you to adjust the sensitivity for simple detection or opt for neural network-based detection to recognize objects such as people, animals, and vehicles. When an object is detected, the app logs the event information and you can upload both the event and video file to a cloud server. The VideoSurveillance.Cloud service is available for video upload, and once uploaded, videos can be automatically deleted from the phone. However, please note that using neural networks will increase power consumption, so it is recommended to connect your phone to a power source for long-term use.

By utilizing our innovative app, you can transform your mobile phone into a smart camera for object detection and video surveillance. Our smart detector only starts recording when motion is detected, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience. You won't want to miss out on this powerful tool for keeping your property secure - download Camera Motion Detector today!

Please note that in order for the application to function correctly, it is necessary to enable the "Allow pop-up permission" to run above other windows.
Install Camera Motion Detector App
The application allows you to record videos using a motion detector and upload these videos to the VideoSurveillance.Cloud service

Motion DetectoR

Motion detection software has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in the field of security. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), ordinary video cameras are transformed into smart security devices that can understand what is happening on the video. This is made possible through the use of computer vision technology, which enables the detection of objects in video footage.

The devices used for motion detection are connected to any video camera and can be accessed remotely online and via the internet. The intelligent subsystem is able to independently find a network camera and connect it to the program, making it the first video surveillance system that is available to the mass user.

Video surveillance using AI has a number of advantages over traditional surveillance systems. Many video surveillance systems are ineffective because they can only record video in the archive. However, video surveillance with the participation of AI is based on modern technologies based on neural networks that are trained on large amounts of information. This means that events are automatically recognized, and information can be sent to the youtube server, mobile devices, telegram, or any other device.

One of the biggest advantages of surveillance that uses AI is that it saves disk space and hardware costs through intelligent processing. This means that videos are received on the mobile when any specific events occur, so that you can see in real time where the troublemaker or villain is. This is much more effective than having a security guard sit in front of a monitor trying to see what is happening in the frame.

Motion detection software can be used for a variety of purposes, including for small businesses, for the protection of homes, yards, halls near elevators, parking lots, apartments, various objects, as well as for observing animals, children, actions of a nanny, or monitoring cleaners and housewives.

Another advantage of motion detection software is that it can be used to solve a variety of problems that arise with video surveillance. By choosing cloud technologies and AI, the video surveillance process becomes simple and convenient. The technology used in motion detection software can help businesses and individuals save time and money, and can provide an added layer of security to any environment.

Motion detection software has revolutionized the field of security by allowing ordinary video cameras to become smart security devices. This technology enables the detection of objects using computer vision technology, and has a number of advantages over traditional video surveillance systems. With the ability to recognize events automatically and send information to multiple devices, motion detection software is a cost-effective and convenient solution for businesses and individuals alike.