Cloud Video Surveillance

Stay one step ahead and keep an eye on your business and employees anywhere, any time and from any device.
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HD Resolution and H264 Compression.
Unlimited number of cameras.
Anytime, anywhere access.
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Cloud Video Surveillance
Our software converts ordinary cameras into intelligent security devices and makes video surveillance smart enabling it to event-triggered think for real-time object detection
Cloud video surveillance over the Internet.

Free Video Surveillance Software

Web Camera Pro brings everything—traditional video surveillamce, cloud service, P2P, mobile apps and web access—together in one place.
For remote video surveillance, you no longer need a dedicated white ip address and you can monitor your premises or your home without using a cloud server. Web Camera Pro dramatically reduces cloud server costs using P2P connections and deep machine learning algorithms. It allows to reduce the size of video surveillance archive by real-time object detections, face and license plate recognitions.
The combination of artificial intelligence and P2P technology will help you build an effective video surveillance system without the involvement of expensive specialists.
Key Benefits:

  • Security and video monitoring without extra costs
  • Fundamentally new level in video surveillance and security
  • P2P video surveillance in the house, office, nanny.
  • Safety of your property and video surveillance of animals.
  • Record videos from computer desktop in the background
  • Record time lapses from any IP Cameras and desktops of computers in the background.
  • Effective Compression for High Quality HD Video
  • Monitoring remote offices and employees
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