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Number of cameras and their placement

The number of devices will depend on the area of the object that needs to be controlled. If we are talking about a small apartment, just one camera installed in the hallway is enough to protect against intrusions. It will record everyone who enters and exits, and the microphone records sounds. If the system is selected for a country house or a cottage with a sufficiently large own territory, then up to several dozen cameras may be needed. Camera models, at the same time, are mounted different in recording quality and purpose. The required number of cameras is recommended by specialists after a detailed examination of the object. Properly calculating their number remotely is impossible, even having an accurate architectural plan.

There is no standard plan for the placement of cameras that would suit every house - in each case, layouts are selected depending on a number of factors. The location of the main equipment is also important - the registrar should not bother anyone. Cables are drawn to the recorder from the cameras, and if there are a lot of devices, the cable bundle will be large and it is better to allocate a special room for the DVR. In a private house, such a room is a pantry or utility room. In the office, equipment is often placed in a warehouse.

It should be noted that not every hard drive is suitable for use in a video surveillance system. The system allows you to connect a simple computer drive, but it will work for a short time and there is a possibility of failure in the first couple of months. The thing is that such a disk is not intended for continuous recording, therefore, for surveillance systems, it is necessary to purchase special hard drives designed for use in recorders. Such discs cost a little more, but they work flawlessly for years.

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