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There are various options for the configuration and installation of video surveillance systems, which are selected depending on the tasks. Let's consider them in more detail.

Surveillance cameras - a necessary element of any tracking system for an object. Today on the market there are many options for cameras with various designs, capabilities and designs to solve various problems. Analog or IP cameras have similar specifications. Depending on the installation location, they are divided into indoor and outdoor. Outdoor models are necessarily equipped with infrared lights, they are not sensitive to humidity, and to temperature changes.

The cameras mounted inside the house are wireless - transmitting the signal via Wi-Fi. Nevertheless, such a camera is connected to the electric network, so you still can not do without wires. It is important for its work and a constant, good Wi-Fi signal, which can not be drowned out by intruders. Therefore, it is recommended to mount Wi-Fi cameras only as a last resort, using more reliable wired models to protect housing. For the home, it is advisable to use cameras with a microphone that will record incidents not only on video, but also record sound. Such microphones are small and have excellent sensitivity. They are initially built into many models of IP cameras.

Another important feature of the camera is image quality (resolution). The detail of the picture and its clarity depend on it: the higher the resolution of the video, the easier it is to recognize people's faces and their actions. It is measured in megapixels: the larger the number, the better the video quality, and the higher the quality, the higher the price of the model. The most expensive cameras have a high resolution, but to provide home video surveillance, a resolution of 2MP or higher is sufficient (FullHD format - 1080p).

The information that cameras record must be stored in order to be able to review it. The device for storing shooting data is most often a computer in which special software is installed, or a DVR. All cameras are connected to this computer, and a hard disk is installed inside the recorder, which saves video recordings for a certain time.

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