Video Surveillance SOFTWARE

Webcam Pro makes video surveillance smart, changing cameras from just seeing to thinking by machine learning and object detections, ANPR, face recognitions in real-time.

Our Video Surveillance software using Computer Vision to understand everything that happens on your cameras.

New technology makes it possible to use video surveillance not only for safety, but for all kinds of uses to monitor operations for business and process optimization.

Get alerts that matter. Be aware of a certain or unknown person visit or about any visit in a period of time. Receive video events in Telegram and notifications regarding any alert triggered.

Webcam Pro enables new level of home security, safety & surveillance.

Video Tutorial:
1) How to use video surveillance software?
2) How to add new video surveillance devices?
3) How to view video surveillance archive?
4) How to create Live broadcast from IP camera?
5) How to upload events to youtube automatically?
Video Surveillance Software
Video tutorial