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Most users are interested in remote access to the video surveillance system. This is really very convenient: you can connect to the registrar and watch the house while in another city or abroad. Moreover, you can do this directly from your mobile device connected to the Internet.

But, if in a city apartment there are usually no problems with the Internet, then in a house outside the city the situation is worse. And in order not to worry about leaving your home and property on departure, you need to take care of arranging an uninterrupted connection in advance. The installation of a GSM modem that provides a constant signal helps to solve this problem. If the signal is bad, special amplifying equipment is installed or full-fledged wired Internet is installed.

As mentioned above, there are two ways to connect the system to the Internet. This is a leased line connection (more preferable option) or using a GSM modem. Video transmission requires not only the use of special equipment, but also a good channel. If there is no leased line, and GSM signal reception is weak, then it is difficult to talk about constant remote access. If the video will open, it is very slow, scrolling with delays. That is, watching the recorded material remotely will be very inconvenient.

To get a "picture" from cameras to a smartphone, you need to install a mobile application on it. If the Internet connection is good (both on the phone and on the site), you can not only watch the house online from your mobile phone, but also review the recorded archive.
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